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Welcome to Shenzhen Richsun Textile Co., Ltd .
FAQS[ 09-24 11:03 ]
If you want know more about us, you can find our answer for some important questions here. More questions, please email us at
Towel business opportunity[ 09-27 18:32 ]
People who like to watch sports events know that athletes will use towel to wipe the sweat after vigorous exercise ;most runners in the gym will bring a towel around her neck or on the armrest. The first senior fitness personal trainer in Beijing van Mr. Fan told reporters that we can not think that it does not matter to use towel wipe the sweat ,developing good exercise habits is from these details. After exercising, you will break out in a sweat, if you do not wipe away in time, it will slowly
sport towel microfiber[ 09-22 17:09 ]
Richsun company has been on exercising with a microfiber sport towel for this kind of printing technology of the material for 10 years . logo printing and hemming skill has been very mature.
microfiber sport towel[ 09-19 17:22 ]
Superfine fiber can absorb the dust, grain , liquid seven times of its own weight .Every fine filament is only about 1/200 of the hair . This is the reason why superfine fiber has super clean ability. The space between the filaments can absorb dust, grease, dirt until with water, soap and detergent wash. This space also can absorb so much water, so superfine fiber has super water absorbing ability.
The Rio Olympics custom sport towels[ 08-24 17:44 ]
The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio has finished, Chinese women’s volleyball team won over Serbia in a 3-1,and won the Olympic gold medal . Since long guide won a gold medal as a player in los Angeles Olympic games , long ping won a gold medal again as a coach in 2016 Rio Olympic games .
cushion OEM[ 08-10 11:54 ]
Our richsun company specially produce cushion and provide cushion OEM at the same time, its craft has digital printing, embroidery, jacquard, affixed cloth embroidery, etc. No MOQ, and our delivery time is fast, welcome to purchase orders.
the crisis and opportunities of cotton’s price rising[ 07-25 16:23 ]
China’s cotton price is keeping up the national cotton market price, cotton price rising is a global phenomenon. It is good for famers, so the government will not interfere too much ,because china is a big cotton exporter. The reason why the cotton’s price is rising is that one of the biggest cotton exporter country the USA used their area to plant soaring soybean in recent years casing the cotton market in short supply.
sport towel with custom logo[ 07-22 17:16 ]
We richsun can design products according to customer’s requirements, including round towel, sport towel, beach towel, it can choose pure cotton or super fine to make up, it also can be printed logo and pictures according to customer’s requirement. The following is some products we richsun textile company designed for customers.
where is a good place to wholesale the large round beach towel[ 07-21 17:43 ]
Most people like to go to wholesales market to wholesale some products, such as clothes wholesale, towels wholesale and so on. Now the reason why the wholesale market becomes better and better is that people agreed that goods in wholesale are very cheap ,though it is cheap, it’s quality is poor. Such as the round beach towel, it’s necessary for people ,but most people regard it as a piece of fabric and ignore the importance of it.
beach towels[ 07-20 14:15 ]
Beach towels are a variety of towel, its raw material is cotton yam ,its size is larger than the towel and its main characteristic is colorful and rich pictures. It is mainly used for outdoor activities, brushing after exercising ,covering one’s body. It also commonly covered on sand or grass for lying. Most people choose pure cotton and having beautiful picture’s beach towel.
Which round beach blankets you prefer?[ 07-14 17:58 ]
There are two new designs round beach blankets sell very well on our website/Alibaba/Amazon. One is Bohemian beach blankets, the other is Tie-dyed beach towel.
Custom Oversized Beach Towels Wholesale[ 07-13 19:17 ]
Different size beach towel for different purposes. Minisized beach towel for kids, regular beach towel for adults, and oversized beach towel for couple, even greater for family.
Super Cheap Beach Towels Customized With Tassels[ 07-12 17:25 ]
Do you want to buy some cheap beach towels with tassels? There are some custom beach towels with low price on Richsun..
Which are your target beach towels?[ 07-06 18:43 ]
here are so many beach towels sale on market, and so many beach towel suppliers online. But sometimes, it’s no easy to buy your target beach towels.
Round beach towel customer reviews from Amazon[ 07-05 17:22 ]
Today, we share a customer reviews about our round beach towel, hoping to provide a reference for customers who is interested in Richsun round beach towels.
Custom Monogrammed Beach Towels For Promotions With Low Price[ 07-05 16:36 ]
Do you want to held promotional activities? Do you want to give your customers a meaningful appreciation gift? What do you think of the monogrammed beach towel, which printed with your company logo or activity theme?
Round Beach Towel Customized Packaging[ 07-01 17:35 ]
Are you concerned with Richsun round beach towel packaging? Now, we will show you our round beach towel packaging details, allowing you to experience the full range of beach towels customized services.
Beach Towel On Sale[ 06-30 18:11 ]
Tropical、flowers、tie-dye and gradient color are the popular elements in this years. Using well with popular elements, Ricshsun launched the new designs for the customers to choose. Now, there are many beautiful beach towel on sale. View and choose what you like.
Fashion new hot sale Circular beach towel with Tassel 150*150cm[ 06-28 16:45 ]
Following with the fashion trend, Richsun circular beach towels have many fashion designs, and new designs launch every season.
Which round beach towel is your target?[ 06-28 11:02 ]
Do you want to buy the round beach towels for personal or business use? What point of round beach towel you concerned? Price? Quality? Design? MOQ? Or service like customized? No matter what you concerned, Richsun round beach towels will meet your target.
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