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Welcome to Shenzhen Richsun Textile Co., Ltd .

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Shenzhen Richsun Textile Co., Ltd.

Established in 2005, Shenzhen Richsun Textile Co.,Ltd is a leading global home textile manufacturer and solution provider that committed to design, develop and sales. Our product includes bedding, blanket, cushion and towel. Richsun has been working with 10 in...

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Order Process


Accepting OEM According To Customers' Requirements
Instant Response To Your Consultation
Design Sketch Come Out Within 48 Hours
Small-lot Production Can Be Done Within 25 Days

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Over 125,000 m² of workshop,
Advanced equipments include 200
weaving machines and 5 printing line;
Annual output can reach 10 million pieces

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Quality Control

Each product is examined by impeccable QC system,
8 testing procedures involve raw materials and
performance to spare quality issues

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Each product is elaborately packed to insure it is intact when arriving;
We cooperate with proffesional logistics and
offer realtime tracking data to our customers.

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After-sales Service

Offer 7X24h online after-sales service with our experts;
Any quality issue in our goods can enjoy changing
or returning instantly;

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Towel business opportunity

People who like to watch sports events know that athletes will use towel to wipe the sweat after vig...

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sport towel microfiber

Richsun company has been on exercising with a microfiber sport towel for this kind of printing techn...

See More09.22.2016

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